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Today, April 4th 2014, I resign from my job at Comcast Interactive Media (CIM –

I leave behind many wonderful, intelligent, compassionate, intense, beautiful, … colleagues! But I take along with me loving, brilliant, and caring friends!

The decision to leave was NOT easy, but I feel it was necessary.

My wife says to me this morning:

“I love you, and I trust you”.

She says this after I just removed the warm, comforting blanket that is a stable salary. After I forfeit a significant financial amount of money that sits, yet to be vested, in a growing company’s stock. I am walking away from a good company, good pay, good benefits, good projects, good atmosphere, good colleagues, good all around. I would even highly recommend a job with Comcast, because the leadership is smart, and they “get it”. It is indeed a great place to work.

There is a proverb that says: “It takes a village to raise a child”, and my CIM village has been tremendous! I have learned a ton, grown by leaps-and-bounds, failed at scale, succeeded with my small team, received phenomenal advice, counseled with many, cried with some, and will be building with others.

My reason for leaving, I tell everyone, is to be closer to my family; and that is the truth. The truth is that, for me, my work-life balance was skewed, I was not enjoying my family as I should, and I couldn’t immerse myself in my work because of the commute.

So I am going to work from home to focus on my freelance practice with Cast and Crew (, and help people develop stellar – web, mobile, design, and community – projects.

I would add to that proverb: “It also takes a village to grow an adult.” As I return back to working from home, I want to connect again with my community here in Reading, PA – Lord knows that I need the support, camaraderie, accountability, and friendship. I want to help people with their projects, I want to build small and scale up, I want to help people define/refine their ideas and dreams, but ultimately I want to help people make money and grow their business!

Yes, I am nervous/excited/anxious/apprehensive/insert-intense-emotion-here, but you know what…? God is ultimately in control. My wife and I have done the work of stripping down to the bare minimum, we’ve paid down all our consumer debt, saved a little, and we are on the same page.

And so begins the epic journey…


Hat tip to John Mark McMillan for the post title from the song:

2 Comments on "FUTURE / PAST"

  • Ricky says

    That’s awesome Brother, it may not be a popular decision but a necessary one. God Bless and best wishes in your future endeavors.

  • I tip my hat to you sir! The decision can’t have been an easy one considering the times and the economy we currently live in, but it’s an awesome decision and I look forward to seeing your success grow!

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