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Nothing pretty…


I am at a tech conference in Boston this week. The first day was *exteremely* disappointing.

Also dealing with a completely botched Airbnb situation which now essentially has me sleeping on a futon.

Before starting day two, I decided that I need to go sit and clear my head and do some meditation and prayer. And this is the best place I can find.

This day has to be better than yesterday.

I am taking time away from pressing work and time away from the family. I hope that I can make some connections or learn something to make this investment of time and money worth it.

Boston is beautiful, but I can’t find a beautiful place to sit and clear my head. Just the end of the bay with rocks and moss and trash…

So I’ll sit here and give thanks… and get up, and get back to the grind.

(Sorry there is no positive or motivational point to this post – just venting!)

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