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pain-full feedback

From the outside, things look great.
On the inside, it’s like standing beneath a waterfall.

Photo By Breather

Exhilarating + Overwhelming!

By year 2, I am learning that:

  • Running a business is NOT like running a project – and doing so is detrimental.
  • The older we get as a company, the harder one has to work to communicate; the brand, the vision, the values…
  • Feedback is harder to swallow now, than it was at the beginning. The ultimate paradox is knowing which feedback to embrace vs. reject.
    – – For example, during our last review, our advisors are telling us that our company name (Cast & Crew) is really a problem and it causes a lot of confusion. They say it does a lousy job of explaining what we do – and this is a hinderance. We’ve heard this before, actually, since day one.

My primary job description is to provide clarity – and it seems like a fail when my own branding is a source of confusion.

I am writing this out loud because, to be honest, the conflict that surrounds the name Cast & Crew is driving me nuts!

We chose the name because it explains HOW we work. The contention is that the name should, to some extent, describe WHAT we do.

As we grow, our name seems to be a poignant reminder of our failure to be better communicators – and this is a source of pain.

I have no answers right now.

So… yeah! Onward!

photo credit: Jose Murillo

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