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dig a little deeper

HTML(5), CSS(3), JavaScript (for interactivity)

Source File:
Image, PSD (Photoshop), Ai (Illustrator), Hand Sketch, Water Color Painting… whatever.

Slicing & Dicing:
The process of taking a source file and converting it into markup.

This consists of everything you can see on a web page including, when you do a “View Source”. This includes the templates used to render the front-end.
-using: FreeMarker Templating Language
-using: Mustache (js), Jade (nodejs)

This includes server side logic, database manipulation, API (Application Programming Interface) integration, etc.
-using: PHP, Python, nodejs (express) or C#
-using: a CMS like WordPress or DotNetNuke
-using: hand coded with an MVC framework like CodeIgniter or Django
-using: mysql, mssql, t-SQL
-using: public API’s like FaceBook, Twitter, Google (maps, translate, calendar…), Twilio, FreshBooks, Zillow, etc.

Including event-based / time-based / asynchronous (AJAX) interaction, animation, charts and other data visualization, usually handled via JavaScript, SVG, and Canvas.
-using: native JavaScript & libraries like jQuery or RaphaelJs

Desktop Applications*:
Building desktop applications that will run on most operating systems including Mac OS X, Windows & Linux. (TVs too)
-using: Adobe AIR

Mobile Applications*:
Building mobile applications that will run natively on iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod), Android, Windows, and Blackberry Devices
-using: PhoneGap, Titanium

Mobile-Web Applications:
Building applications that are specifically tailored to a mobile-web experience using the devices’ web browser
-using: jQuery Mobile

* the key is using HTML/CSS/JAVASCRIPT to build native web and mobile applications using frameworks like AIR, Titanium and PhoneGap.