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tough stough.

On June 13th 2015, I completed my 3rd ToughMudder challenge.

I have to tell ya – it was the most difficult one yet! I was honestly trying to be in the best shape of any other year – but alas – I felt like a failure almost halfway through.

BUT – I learned more about teamwork at this event more than at any other time in my life.

I learned what it is like to receive empathy.

I mean, pure, true, unfiltered, nonjudgemental, care and concern from people who love you enough to (literally) lift you up from the mud (repeatedly) and genuinely want you to succeed and not quit!

It was humbling.

I am grateful.

And because of my teammates, I was able to finish – strong.

I want to show more empathy:

the ability to be able to understand and share the feelings of another

but I learned this weekend that it is also empowering/refreshing to receive it…

Empathy is perfect when it is reciprocated.

That said, here is the part where I humblebrag on facebook…

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